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Hello World! (and hello WordPress)

Welcome to the personal website and blog of Jesse Taber. I am in the process of migrating posts from my old blog host in favor of a WordPress installation. This is going to be a pretty painful move I’m afraid, but it’s long overdue. In the meantime, all of my […]

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A Quick Look At AppHarbor

As mentioned in some earlier posts, I’ve been hacking on Shopify for the past six months for an e-commerce project. My work with Shopify introduced me to Heroku, which is a simple “cloud-based” service for hosting and running Ruby applications. It’s dead simple to get started and, for the most […]

The Stalker Model of Customer Service

The rate at which twitter has blown up is nothing short of astonishing. One of the most interesting things about twitter, in my opinion, is in all the various ways it is used. Normal people like me use it to keep in touch with some friends and family, celebrities use […]

The Gift That Keeps On Taking

It’s the the gift giving season, which naturally has me thinking a lot about what makes a great gift. There’s the ubiquitous gift card, which is almost always a safe bet, but can seem a bit impersonal in my opinion. Then there are gifts that aren’t really gifts at all. […]

The Future of Television?

Updated on 01/05/2010 I was talking about this with some folks over the Christmas holiday and formulated some new thoughts on it. Several months back I finally became frustrated enough with paying roughly $150 per month for my cable television and internet service. I had been slowly adding packages to […]