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Talk To Your Support Team

Do you have a team (or a person) dedicated to providing support for the software that you write? If so, how is your relationship with the members of that team? No matter what your answer to this question, you can almost certainly make this relationship better by simply talking with that […]

Going Paperless

One year ago I came to work for a company where the entire development team is 100% “remote”; we’re spread over 3 time zones and each of us works from home. This seems to be an increasingly popular way for people to work and there are many articles and blog […]

Brainless Backups

I’m a software developer by trade which means to my friends and family I’m just a “computer guy”. It’s assumed that I know everything about every facet of computing from removing spyware to replacing hardware. I also can do all of this blindly over the phone or after hearing a […]