The Stalker Model of Customer Service

The rate at which twitter has blown up is nothing short of astonishing. One of the most interesting things about twitter, in my opinion, is in all the various ways it is used. Normal people like me use it to keep in touch with some friends and family, celebrities use it to spew thoughts to the masses, and business use it to reach new customers.

What has been interesting to me lately is the way in which some business are using it for customer service. I first noticed it when the Comcast internet connection went out at my house and I jumped on my iPhone to tweet my frustrations. A few minutes later I had and an @ reply from a Comcast customer service rep asking me where I lived. I told her, and she let me know that there was a reported outage in my area and that they were working on it.

I was really taken aback by this when it happened. This interaction didn’t really solve my problem directly, but it did save me the trouble of having to call the local Comcast office to confirm what I was able to kind of passively confirm via twitter. Is this good? I guess so. It still felt sort of strange to me.

I guess it’s a bit like complaining about someone in a restaurant with to a friend over lunch and discovering the target of your irk is sitting at the table behind you. Ouch.

I guess I need to start watching what I say about companies on twitter… you never know who’s watching.