SQL Server Identity Quirks

If you’ve worked with SQL Server for any length of time odds are that you’ve used the IDENTITY property to create a surrogate key for a table. These auto-incrementing primary keys can be very handy, but they have a couple of quirks that have bitten me enough in the past […]

Beware Singletons that Raise Events

It’s pretty well documented that one of the most common ways in which a .NET application can “leak” memory stems failing to unsubscribe from events when the subscription is no longer needed. This answer to a Stack Overflow question on memory leaks in C# describes the issue very succinctly: Event […]


Time Warp

It’s no secret that daylight savings time can wreak havoc on systems that rely heavily on dates. The system I work on is centered around recording dates and times, so naturally my co-workers and I have seen our fair share of date-related bugs. From time to time, however, we come […]

WebImage.GetImageFromRequest() returns null

TL;DR: The WebImage.GetImageFromRequest() is case-sensitive with regard to the extensions of the image file names. More info here: Lately I’ve been working on a little side project in my spare time that requires that I allow users to upload an image from their computer. I’ve been using ASP .NET […]

Know What Time It Is

Over the past several weeks I’ve found myself having to play the role of server administrator more and more. Being a developer I’ve had some exposure to server admin work in the past, but I certainly don’t consider myself an expert in the area. Unfortunately there was no one else […]