The Chicken and The Pig – Part 1 2

If you’ve been working in software for any length of time you may have come across the fable of the chicken and the pig. I’ve heard a couple of different variations on the story, but the basic idea is this: Consider a meal of bacon and eggs. In order to […]

Bacon and Eggs

Windows Phone ‘LocalTimestamp’ field 1

I recently had a question that wasn’t easily found via Google so I figured it deserved a proper write-up. My friends know that I like to geek out on programming with dates and times and they sometimes ping me with questions. The other day a friend of mine was looking […]

How I Use Git On Windows – Remote Repositories

Git is a great source control solution for single-developer projects because you can create a repository on a developer workstation and have it be completely self-contained without any need for a centralized server. I often use Git for small personal projects where I don’t need to collaborate with anyone else […]


How I Use Git On Windows – Setup and Tooling 7

I’ve been using Git as my primary version control system both at work and for personal projects for awhile now. While I think that git has become pretty widely accepted (perhaps even ubiquitous), acceptance rates seem higher among non-Windows developers. This is purely anecdotal and based only on my own experience, […]

Sample git log output

Support for Support

Talk To Your Support Team

Do you have a team (or a person) dedicated to providing support for the software that you write? If so, how is your relationship with the members of that team? No matter what your answer to this question, you can almost certainly make this relationship better by simply talking with that […]

WordPress Logo

Hello World! (and hello WordPress)

Welcome to the personal website and blog of Jesse Taber. I am in the process of migrating posts from my old blog host in favor of a WordPress installation. This is going to be a pretty painful move I’m afraid, but it’s long overdue. In the meantime, all of my […]